Miniature Tri-Axis Solar Position Sensor ​

This solar position tracking device was specifically designed for use in orbital conditions and to offer minimal footprint and weight. It contains three light-sensitive cells placed on orthogonal axis made of a light-integrating lens and a calibrated photo-diode providing a know response to solar light's angle-of-incidence on the sensing cell. This device further contains an integrated temperature sensor which can be used for compensation of diode response deviations with temperature.

Characteristics :

- Minimal footprint : 27.37mm x 26.32mm x 17.5mm

- Minimal weight : ?? g

- Rugged aluminium casing

- Integrated temperature sensor

- Orbital temperature range (-?? to ?? degC)

- Simple electrical interface (3x sensor out, 1x temp. out, 1x ground)

Note : A version with integrated micro-processor is currently under development

Image courtesy of Luxspace

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