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Sigfox Smart Tracker

Induction Charger


Temp / Press sensor

ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit CPU


Haptic Motor Controller

WiSOL Sigfox Module

Low-Power GPS Module

This device was originally designed as an athlete's position tracker for sporting events, but additional hardware functionalities were integrated to make it suitable for any tracking or surveillance application.  Electronic components were carefully selected for their very low power consumption, offering  potentially exceptional battery autonomy (depending on wake-up duty cycle).  Footprint (40x32mm) and weight (17g wo battery) were reduced to the minimum.  The micro controller is an ARM Cortex®-M0 32-bit System on Chip with BLE (Bluetooth) connectivity.    The other integrated devices are : a low-power highly-sensitive GPS, a temperature/pressure/humidity sensor, an intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor, a haptic motor controller, a QI- (induction) charge controller, 16Mb NOR Flash memory and a tri-color LED driver.    

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