From concept study to small-volume production, using only state-of-the-art development tools and the latest component technologies, EmTroniX offers all engineering services required to bring even the most advanced development projects in electronics and embedded software to a happy end .


Our technical offer comprise most of the usual electronics and software related engineering services, supported by fifteen years of experience in these domains.  But our engineers can further provide expertise in uncommon technical fields, such as :   

• Custom FPGA IP developments
​• Automotive electronics design
• Systems modelization and optimized autocoding
• RF receivers and transmitters (up to KA-Band) design 
• Advanced signal processing / SDR
• Power electronics design 
• Space electronics design   ​

EmTroniX is specialized in handling projects requiring a close interaction between electronics, embedded software, FPGA IP and PC user interface

• Technical consulting / Concept Study

• Electronics systems design and integration

• Custom FPGA IP developments

• Embedded and PC software engineering

• Systems modelization in Matlab/Simulink

• Small volume production


EmTroniX offers a wide range of engineering services, from technical consulting to  small volume production :


Our technical offer in electronics for automotive, space, military and industrial applications :  

Technical consulting 

• Advanced electronics systems design / project handling

• In-house printed circuit boards CAD design, assembly and validation

• Prototyping and small volume production

• Electronics circuit modelization (analog, digital, RF)

• Electro-Mechanical Integration

Design / Simulation
PCB Routing
Assembly / Validation

FPGA IP Design


EmTroniX has been using FPGAs since the rise of this technology in 2005. It has gained singificant experience in integrating FGPAs and designing custom IP Codes for complex electronic systems.​

Technical consulting 

• FPGA integration in electronic systems / interfacing with peripherals

• Partial or complete FPGA IP design

• Custom FPGA IP engineering

• Test-bench simulation / In-circuit validation

• Software Defined Radio 

• Softcore processors / accelerators

FPGA Integration
IP Design



Most electronic systems are built around one or more microcontrollers requiring custom embedded application software to be designed, often along with a PC User-Interface to control and monitor the system parameters

• Technical consulting

• Hardware layer / FPGA interface software design

• Communication handling (CAN, Ethernet, SPI, SCI, Sigfox…)

• Application software design in C / C++ / Simulink / Labview

• Customized operating system setup (Linux)

• PC user-interface design in  C++ / Visual Basic / Simulink / Labview

Simulink has become an essential system modelization tool providing efficient automatic C-Code generation.   Important customer projects in aeronautics have allowed EmTroniX to gain a extended competences in the following fields :

• Complex Systems Modelization with Matlab/Simulink

• Test-bench setup for reference models, unitary tests 

• Custom S-functions design for interfacing model and hardware layer

• Target Link Files design for custom blocks

• Automatic C and VHDL code generator setup and optimisation

• Compiler make-file setup

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