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For more than 20 years, EmTroniX has been working with key stakeholders of different industries to answer their needs in terms of electronics and software related engineering services. 

Our team of experts is always trying to find the best solution to offer cost-effective and reliable solutions to our customers.

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Since 2005, when Luxembourg became a member of the European Space Agency (ESA), EmTroniX has extended its expertise to the space industry to become a key player and a true believer in the new space industry.

Today, EmTroniX is recognized for its reliability and its contribution to some advanced projects for the New Space industry.

Our core mission: provide a complete range of services regarding satellite payloads:

> Specific hardware design & customization

> Digital Signal processing design (algorithms & coding into the FPGA)

> Embedded Software services

> Power Electronics for load control, power supplies and power converters, power trackers

> Sensor & small signal interfacing

> Mechanical design

> Electronic board assembly in-house

> RF design (receiver & transceiver) including PA and testing equipment in-house

> On-Board computer


Since its beginning, EmTroniX has been developing solutions

for key stakeholders of the aeronautic industry.


Our core mission: contribute to project where there is a need of close interaction between electronics, mechanics, embedded software and PC user interface.


From conceiving the entire air conditioning control system for several rotorcrafts to attach different kind of payloads to airplane in order to improve earth observation,

EmTroniX is developing a wide range of competences that allow the company

to tackle key issues of this sector.

Space and Aeronautic are not the only industries EmTroniX is working with. 

​Anywhere where expertise on electronics and software related engineering services is needed,

EmTroniX is ready to assist!

if you are looking for more information, don't hesitate to contact us!

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