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EmTroniX is designing and producing turnkey solutions for the space and automotive industry. We are also developing generic electronics that might be used in lots of applications.
These products are developed and manufactured following our customer demand for standard and flexible solutions.

Space products
Space product

Space products

Since 2008, EmTroniX has increasingly invested in the space sector, contributing to lots of projects in the new space industry. We are glad to be able to say our products have been sent around the Moon, soon to Mars and asteroids!

Our latest product development is the LNB board - a key element in satellite communication that can be customized according to our customer needs.

Software Defined Radio - SDR
solar sensor
Automotive products

Automotive products

The automotive industry is EmTroniX historical field of expertise. Its founders coming from this sector, we have been able to understand very quickly the automotive manufacturers' expectations and to provide them with highly reliable devices.

These equipment are designed to help them during each step of their product development (from test bench to product lines).

Engine crank simulator final.png
H-Power H-bridge automotive valve driver tester
Advanced solenoid injector driver - automotive
Automotive product
Electronic product


EmTroniX is also developing general electronics that can be adapted to different needs and industries.

This goes from a FMC module with a Quad channel ADC to products developed in partnership with other companies as with Sigfox to help farmers harvesting at the right time by collecting data from the ground.

Quad channel ADC FMC module
IOT plant monitor
Smart Tracker

We are developing products which intent to make everyone's life easier.

Thanks to partnership or from our own initiative,

our product aims to be flexible and to answer our customers needs.

If you are looking for more information, don't hesitate to contact us!

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