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Press release

EmTroniX will be providing the Flight Model to OQ Technology for its In-Orbit-Demonstration mission: MACSAT.

10 May 2021

As part of the on-going contract with OQ Technology, EmTroniX will start working and manufacturing the Flight Model of the MACSAT project. This comes in addition to the user terminals and the payload development phase that have been already realized.

OQ Technology’s MACSAT mission aims to demonstrate 5G internet-of-Things commercial service from Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The mission is planned for launch in 2021/2022 and will be a perfect example of a made-in Luxembourg project where two companies are working together to prepare an In-Orbit-Demonstration mission.

EmTroniX will focus on assembling the electronics, testing all individual boards and finally integrate the different subsystems into the mechanics of the payload. OQ Technology will be embedding its inhouse-developed “cell tower” proprietary software into the payload and also into the user terminals, manage the frequency licensing, satellite operations, and commercializing the service globally. This represents a truly first global 5G IoT service that gives OQ Technology a first mover advantage over its competitors since it has tested the technology in orbit two years ago using the Tiger-1 mission which was in collaboration with Luxembourg companies.

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Picture of the Modem prototype developed by EmTroniX to give users access to the OQ Technology constellations.

“This next step is a great opportunity for EmTroniX to gather all of its expertise and to add a new product to its portfolio. It is in the continuity of the work already done the last two years since the contract for the In-Orbit-Demonstration satellite-based mission has been signed between Luxembourgish companies (OQ technology and EmTroniX)”, Cedric Lorant, CEO of EmTroniX.

“EmTroniX has been our long-term companion for Hardware from day one, we love working with them and we see them as a long-term partner for OQ Technology’s upcoming innovative products – Together we made many leaps in technology development under ESA technical supervision and we are ready to bring these European/Luxemburg products into the global market”, Omar Qaise, CEO of OQ Tech.

The in-orbit pathfinder mission (MACSAT) aims to foster Luxembourg and European space industry partnerships. This contract was funded by the Government of Luxembourg through an ESA contract in the Luxembourg National Space programme (LuxIMPULSE).

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