PA/QA Engineer (Hardware - Software)




Key responsibilities
  • Work closely with project managers to ensure good quality and timing efficiency.

  • Ensure the management of MRR, TRR,  DRB, and others CDR, BDR… [LL1] in the various projects in coordination with the project managers

  • Track the non-compliance and the linked actions

  • Be responsible for all Product Assurance defined tasks in a project

  • Improve company’s quality system

  • Develop quality procedures according to customer requirements and/or process specifications

  • Establish the frame to monitor production quality

  • Monitor the subcontractors and suppliers during the development phase and approve their documentations, perform audits

  • Review the customer and/or engineering drawings for identification of key characteristics and critical items

  • Prepare and maintain quality records as needed

  • Establish the quality documentation packages for the non-recurring and recurring phase

  • Support risk analysis and risk mitigation identification (FMECA or equivalent tools)

According to profile

Job requirements
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills

  • ESA documentation experience

  • Experience in Satellite Engineering or Payload development

  • Electronics Engineer Degree or equivalent education

  • Experience in moderation and steering of meetings

  • 5 years experience in PA/QA

  • Fluent in English - French or German are strong assets

Preferred skills
  • Knowledge in electronics and software