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EmTroniX has now 30 employees and keeps hiring!

18 April 2023

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EmTroniX is developing generic products for the New Space industry

31 August 2022

EmTroniX has a new up and running test equipment: a climatic chamber

26 April 2022

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EmTroniX keeps developing its Radio Frequency department to meet the New Space industry requirements.

15 December 2021

20 years ago, EmTroniX became more than just a name!

8 June 2021

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Article Cedric 9 July 2021.PNG
9 July 2021

A great article about EmTroniX CEO, Cedric Lorant. Discover what motivates him as a CEO as well as outside EmTroniX.

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3 November 2020

Cedric Lorant, CEO of EmTroniX, explains his ambitions for the company during an interview for the Luxemburger Wort!

Thumbnail article 10 Aug 2020.PNG
10 August 2020

EmTroniX is named as a strong partner for the development and implementation of the Juventas CubeSat in support of the Hera Mission.

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 31 March 2020

EmTroniX is part of the Space Directory 2020 made by the LSA (Luxembourg Space Agency).

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9 October 2019

With its IoT plant monitor, EmTroniX is among the finalists of the prize of innovation organized by "La Chambre des Metiers" of Luxemburg.

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18 November 2019

EmTroniX is among the Luxembourgish firms to enable the peek inside an asteroid: #HeraMission.

Thumbnail article 17 Sept 2018.PNG
17 September 2018

EmTroniX will provide components to OQ technology to develop a demonstration in orbit of an innovative approach for satellite-based Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Thumbnail article 24 July 2017.PNG
24 July 2017

EmTroniX has been named by Kleos as a major technical partner for the project of in-space manufacturing of composite beams equipped with antennas.

Thumbnail article 20 April 2017.PNG
20 April 2017

EmTroniX had one of its first big breaks in the space sector working with LuxSpace on satellite AIS that tracks ships on the high seas.

Thumbnail article 2 Jan 2015.PNG
2 January 2015

EmTroniX, specialized in advanced electronics, embedded software and integrated system design, is a key actor in the space sector since 2009.

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