High-Power H-Bridge Automotive Valve Driver / Tester

This controller makes use of the latest  FPGA technology to offer unprecedented control and sampling performances as required in today's automotive component developments.

It contains a high-power full bridge output stage with active current control/limitation specifically designed to drive DC motors, torque motors or solenoid motors found in most automotive actuators (EGR valves, VGTs, turbo waste gates, throttle valves, ...) 

All high-level functions are integrated into and executed by the driver at the reception of predefined commands sent through the CAN bus, making its integration and operation straightforward from the master device's standpoint.​

The embedded software can execute a series of standard ​test schemes (sensor range identification, response-time and hysteresis) with integrated data acquisition/logging and test results processing.  It further includes an advanced position controller, a complex position/PWM profile generator and a test/profile sequencer primarily intended for durability purposes.

Because of it's great versatility, this controller can be used indistinctively in engineering labs for component developments, on durability test benches to generate cycling profiles or on production lines for final quality checks.

Dual-channel version with variable (6..26V) internal power-supply


​- Configurable soft-stop logic

- Configurable sensor range identification procedure

- Configurable response time test with integrated results analysis

- Configurable hysteresis test with integrated results analysis

- Advanced PID position controller

- Integrated complex position/PWM profile generator


- Public CAN command/answer message formats

- Configurable continuous CAN data streaming

PC SOFTWARE highlights

​- Up to 8 drivers controllable simultaneously

- Automatic Excel test reports generation

- Complex profile editor included

- Durability test/profile sequencer

- Calibration editor

- Test data acquisitions display and recording functions

HARDWARE highlights

- Output drive current range :  -15A to +15 A

- FPGA-based active/dynamic current limitation

- FPGA-based true RMS current calculation

- Low-side current recirculation (on/off) in halve-bridge mode

​- Max. drive voltage : 26 V nominal, 35 V absolute

- Variable internal power supply (optional) : 6 V to 26 V

- Fixed internal power supply (optional) : 13.5 V to 16.5 V

- High-precision 5V sensor voltage supply.

​- FPGA-based PWM generator : 0.1 % resolution, 1 Hz to 20 kHz

- Integrated configurable SENT interface

- Dual high-precision position sensor inputs

- Configurable digital IOs (SENT, external PWM control, trigger)

- Configurable analog output for instrumentation/system monitoring


- 128kb of sampling memory (optional)

- 16 bits high-precision sampling (optional) : 2mA and 2mV resolution

- Sampling frequency : 20kHz for response time, 500 Hz for hysteresis

Downloads :

Screenshots :

Hysteresis test panel screenshot

Profile editor screenshot

Response time test panel screenshot

Response time test report sample

Application sample :

Hex-channel unit with fixed internal power supply (optional) and external power supply gateway (optional)

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