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EmTroniX is gathering seven fields of expertise in the engineering sector.


This large range of competences allow us to handle all the technical parts and phases of our customers engineering development project without the need of a third party intervention.

From concept study to small volume production, using state-of-the-art development tools and the latest component technologies, EmTroniX offers the engineering services required to bring the most advanced development projects in electronics and embedded software to a happy end.

Our international experts can answer your need in terms of:

We are continuously improving our capabilities to follow the demand but it's is also one of our goals to stay a human-sized company in order to give flexibility and adaptability to our customers.


Our fields of expertise


EmTroniX has been using FPGA since 2005. For more than 15 years, the team has gained a significant experience in integrating FPGA and designing custom IP Codes for complex electronic systems.​

  • FPGA integration in electronic systems/interfacing with peripherals
  • Partial or complete FPGA IP design
  • Test-bench simulation/in circuit validation
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Softcore processors/accelerators

FPGA integration

IP design




Our software engineers are specialized in designing micro controllers with custom embedded application software as well as PC user-interface to control and monitor the system parameters.

  • Real-Time OS
  • FPGA-OS Integration (Drivers, Firmware,..)

  • Embedded Application Software

  • Bootloader


  • Communication

  • Unit Testing




Our DSP team participate in most of our space telecommunication projects. For each one of them, the team is developing and implementing an innovative communication system architecture to receive, transmit and process the signal. 

  • Analysis, association and processing of the digital signals
  • Modulation and demodulation of different and complex signals
  • Signal generation and sampling


Dealing with high frequency range is becoming the standard in telecommunications and especially in the space industry.  Our experts are designing, simulating and implementing the technology in order to meet our customer's expectations.

  • Design of Rx/Tx chains up to Ku-band (Ka-band is EmToniX 2021 goal)
  • Implementation of RF function/systems into RF substrate using the Altium software

  • RF boards prototyping thanks to state-of-art manufacture and assembly capabilities (double-sided PCB today and multi-layers soon)

  • Test facility up to K-band



EmTroniX is managing PCB design, implementation and test for different sectors. The team can deal with fully manual PCB routing and also with high layer count PCB (up-to 26 for now).

  • Advanced electronics systems design/project handling
  • In-house printed circuit boards CAD design, assembly and validation
  • Prototyping and small volume production
  • Electronics circuit modelization (analog, digital, RF)
  • Electro-Mechanical Integration

Design/ Simulation

PCB Routing




Our Mechanical team is designing and prototyping the part that will host our PCB and other electrical component. The main challenge is to design a part which can withstand the stress it will have to endure, especially for the space industry.

  • Structural and thermal design, verification, prototyping and validation of Complete CubeSat (1U and 2U) and individual RF Modules

  • Complete Mechanical Housing design for avionic modules used in Aircraft Land survey operations

  • Complete Mechanical and thermal design of ground station and control equipment



EmTroniX is handling prototyping and small volume production thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and experts.

  • Hand-made assembly by our experts - ESA qualified ECSS-ST-Q-70-38C & ECSS-Q-ST-70-08C technicians

  • Accurate and fast prototype creation with the LPKF U4 Laser milling machine, including galvanic metallization process & multi-layer capability (up to 8 layers) with specific substrate like FR4, Polyimide, Roger

  • Assembly with the latest technology - EmTroniX latest purchase is the MY300 pick & place machine to get more jobs done in less time

  • Semi-automatic SMT stencil printer with camera to control every step of the production

  • Vapour-phase oven assuring an excellent thermal transfer