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Engine Crank/CAM/Knock sensor simulator

This stand-alone automotive crank-angle-based signal generator was designed to replicate crank- and camshaft position sensor signals (e.g. 58X) on off-engine automotive component test benches for control algorithm developments.
It can also be used in any application where angular reference/ phasing signals are needed.
Software interface
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PC Software


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Engine ECU

Engine ECU

Product advantages:


> The latest FPGA-technology playback any digital (hall effect) or analog (magnetic) crank sensor signal pattern along with up to four digital CAMs and two digital triggers with a resolution of 0.1° over 720° (7200 points per channel) at speeds from 10RPM up to 16000RPM.  


> The virtual engine speed is normally managed by an internal generator, but can be configured to be triggered by an external source.  An additional analog output was integrated, primarily to generate knock patterns, but it can be used to replay any analog signal in the range of +/-5V.

> The angular offsets between crank and cams can be individually adjusted while the generator is running using the control buttons (this function was initially intended for CAM phaser developments). So can also be the amplitude of the knock signal (0 to 100%). 

> The functions assigned to the two secondary control button can be customized to best match to the application specificity.

Product highlights:

> Automotive power supply voltage range (6..18V)

> FPGA-based control logic for high generation timing accuracy

> One digital or analog (14bits DAC, -15V to +15V) crank output

> Four digital cam outputs with live-adjustable angular offset (+/- 180°)

> Two multi-purpose digital trigger outputs

> One analog (14bits DAC, -5V to +5V) knock output with live-adjustable output level.

> 7200 points per signal pattern (Crank, Cams, Knock) → 0.1° resolution over 720°

> Signal patterns can be flashed in the simulator's memory from an MS Excel worksheet using the PC software .

> The simulator can contain up to eight different Crank/Cams/Trigger sets of patterns (only one knock pattern)

> All simulator control parameters can be accessed via the LCD interface and the PC GUI

Software Engine Crank/CAM/Knock sensor simulator
Engine crank simulator web.png

If you are looking for more information, don't hesitate to contact us!

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