CAM Phaser / Real-Time Angular Position, Speed and Offset Measuring Tool

This tool was developed in partnership with a major engine component manufacturer to be used for the development of variable CAM phasing components and control systems.  

It makes use of the latest FPGA technology to measure absolute angular positions and speeds of up to six rotating references fitted with optical encoders.  But the main interest of this tool is it's ability to accurately calculate angular offset between sensors in real time and provide an immediate feedback of the calculated values as a voltage output using eight 16-bits, 100KHz Digital-to-Analog conversion channels. 

All system parameters (number of encoder pulses per turn, geometric gear ratio between references, min./max. output voltages and angles, etc...) can be adjusted by the user.  

All measured and calculated values can be sent out on the CAN bus with user-adjustable message content format and Identifier. 


The embedded ZYNQ microprocessor is running a Linux OS, allowing easy access and edition of calibration files.


Additional electronics  (hall-effect CAM/Crank interfaces, digital outputs, ...) and connectors have been integrated in prevision of futur function enhancements of the system.      

Six channel digital angular position, speed and offset measuring tool

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