​​This tool was specifically designed to drive automotive actuators such as EGRs, wastegates and throttle valves and is intended to be used on development test benches or production lines. 

It can execute a series of predefined ​test schemes (sensor range identification, response-time and hysteresis analysis) to monitor component performances and includes an advanced position profiler and test sequencer for durability purposes...


​​The current trend followed by gasoline and diesel engine developpers to meet severe emission regulations and to reduce fuel consumption is to use multi-pulse injections combined with complex injector drive voltage and current profiles to accurately control the combustion timing and injected fuel quantity.  


This FPGA-based injector development tool  was designed to offer maximum flexibility and accuracy in terms of injector drive profile edition and control and can automatically generate pulse-train containing up to 16 pulses.   


Generating engine position sensor signals such as 58X on a desktop or a test bench has never been so easy.  This stand-alone crank-angle based signal generator uses an FPGA to replay any digital (Hall Effect) or  analog (Magnetic) crank sensor signals along with up to four digital CAMs and two digital triggers with a resolution of 0.1° over 720° to speeds up to 16000RPM. 


The angular offsets between crank and cams can be individually adjusted on the fly.  An additional analog output was integrated primarily to generate knock signals (but can be used for any other purpose) with amplitudes which can be changed live at the click of a button...  

CAM Phaser angular position offset measurement

This tool measures the angular position, speed and relative angular offset in real time of up to six rotating references fitted with optical encoders. It was developed in partnership with a major engine component manufacturer to be used in variable CAM phasing components and control system developments.   

The electronics makes use of FPGA technology for increased accuracy and reduced update latency. Instant positions and offsets can be scaled and converted into voltage signals at the eigth  100KHz 16bit DAC outputs.          


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