​Desiring to upgrade the environmental comfort of its rotorcrafts to the latest quality standards, Airbus Helicopters (Marignane, France) contracted EmTroniX for the first time in 2006 to design an air-conditioning control model with Matlab/Simulink for of one of it flagship rotorcrafts.  The objective was to design the entire air-conditionning control system (Cooling, Heating, Ventilation, Distribution, Safety, Communication, ...) as an interaction of function- and component-based reference models.   The following elements of the project were handled by EmTroniX :

• Definition of the model architecture,  real-time tasks scheduling,  reference models interfaces.
• Function- and component-based reference models design
​• Creation of custom S-function for intefacing model and third-party hardware layer
​• Generation of test-harnesses and test-scenarii to check for full compliance with system requirements 
​• Compliance of models implementation with standard DO178B
​• Optimized automatic C-code generation and project (application + HW layer) compilation 
​• Integration of the software in the final HW target
​• Testing, calibration adjustements and validation in climate chamber
​• Developement of a PC application to monitor all air-conditionning system parameters.

EmTroniX has since been contracted multiple times to repeat this software design process to other rotorcraft types     

SkyfloX ORCA (Optical and Rf Constellations on Airplanes)
EmTroniX is proud to be partner of SkyfloX's ORCA REVOLUTIONARY project. By attaching cameras to airplanes, SkyfloX will add the MISSING LAYER for earth observation. With 30,000 flights over Europe everyday, there is no doubt that the collected datas will be highly valuable.
EmTroniX will bring to the project his long time successful expertise in Electronics/Aeronautical/Harsh environment fields.

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