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Advanced Solenoid Injector Driver

This device makes use of the FPGA-technology to accurately generate complex current and voltage profiles to drive solenoid injectors, making it a very useful tool for injector and combustion control developers.
Drive pulses can be trigger either by external sources or by the internal engine simulator.  Additionally, multiple pulse can be generated with independent current and voltage profiles upon occurrence a single trigger event.
Product advantages:


> The use of the latest FPGA technology allows the device to generate current and voltage profiles with maximum accuracy.

> Most low‐level control and generation functions are managed by the FPGA, which relieves engineers of handling time‐consuming low‐level functions

> Reduced time‐to‐implementation (no intervention of software team required)

> Allows progressive move from conceptual to production algorithms

> Advanced specific hardware functionalities at engineers disposal to experiment even the most innovative concepts

Product highlights:

> Automotive input operating voltage range (6V..20V)

> Internal boost voltage generator up to 95V

> Driver current up to 35 Amps

> Internal engine simulator (10 to 15000 RPM)

> Memory can contain up to 16 driver pulse profiles, 16 elements per profile

> Two multi-purpose analog inputs

Solenoid injector driver
Acquisitions panel advanced solenoid injector

Acquisitions panel

Pulse profile editor advanced solenoid injector

Pulse profile editor



injector pulse.jpg

Injector pulse

Advanced solenoid injector driver.jpg
current voltage injector.jpg

Current/Voltage profile


EmTroniX's Solenoid Injector Driver

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