EmTroniX is a small human-sized, dynamic and innovative engineering company based in Luxembourg specialized in Advanced Electronic, Integrated Systems Designs and Embedded Software.

The company was founded in 2001 by two engineers having a strong background in automotive electronics and embedded software design with a passion for technology and innovation.  During its early years, the company built itself a name in the automotive industry by managing some important development projects for customers such as Delphi Automotive, Honeywell-Garrett and IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole).      

Cedric Lorant (Founder)
Electronics Projects Manager

Henri Du Faux (Founder)
Software Projects Manager

Headcount has since grown to 27 (2020) and business has expanded to other industries as Aeronautic, Medical, Military and foremost : Space.  EmTroniX has indeed greatly benefited from the momentum for space technologies which has built-up in the country since the adhesion of Luxembourg to the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2005.  It took an active part in the development​ and production of several AIS experimental (PATHFINDER 2, COLAIS) production satellites (VESSEL SAT 1 & 2, MAX VALIER) Space-Based ADS-B, and is now involved in numerous large projects such as HERA-Juventas. 

EmTroniX has since 2006 built a close relation with EADS EUROCOPTER through multiple contracts (EC225, EC175, EC145 and EC130) for the development, integration and validation of advanced rotorcraft air conditioning control models using the latest Matlab/Simulink modeling and code-generation techniques.  

EmTroniX is particularly specialized in the development of custom electronics, FPGA IPs and software for projects where a close interaction between electronics, mechanics, embedded software and PC user interface is required.   EmTroniX offers the significant advantage to it's customers of being able to handle all the different technical parts and phases of their engineering development projects without need for third party interventions.  Unlike larger concurrent companies, our engineers can understand, develop and implement most customer needs without requiring time-consuming technical paperwork.  

“We were impressed by the responsiveness and efficiency of a small structure like EmTroniX.  The technical knowledge and experience of its engineers lead to a seductive and cost-effective solution to our engineering challenge" 

Besides engineering services, EmTroniX has also started to develop a small number of specific products for general usage and advanced development tools for the automotive industry.  More to come very soon... 


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