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Our mission

We come from the automotive industry.

​We have developed strong partnership with different industries: Health, Military, Aeronautics, Automotive.

​But, today, we are mainly working with the New Space industry. 


Our mission: design the future of New Space with our partners.

We are particularly specialized in the development of custom electronics, FPGA IPs and software for projects where a close interaction between electronics, mechanics, embedded software and PC user interface is required.

Our key asset: have all the competences in house to handle the entire development process from design to production including testing and validation.

Cedric Lorant, CEO of EmTroniX

"EmTroniX is all about its people, we are glad to be now 29 and still looking  for more talents. Everybody in the company is devoted to answer the needs of our customers and to overachieve their expectations.

​For now 20 years, we have been able to meet our customer requirements by giving them technical expertise and reliable products and I hope it will continue for a long time!

I am proud of our achievements, we started with an idea and an expertise but now, mainly thanks to the word of mouth, we are working with the key stakeholders of different industries and every day developing new competences!"

Cédric Lorant, CEO of EmTroniX

Our key figures


Birth of


Independent shareholders


Start of EmTroniX space adventure




“We were impressed by the responsiveness and efficiency of a small structure like EmTroniX. 
The technical knowledge and experience of its engineers lead to a seductive and
cost-effective solution to our engineering challenge" 

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